M2050 PRO

Medium Heavy Tester Kit 0 – 50 kN

Tester for Fixings 0 kN to 50 kN

Extending the testing range to cover 0-50kN, the Hydrajaws M2050 PRO Tester Kit enables engineers to validate the correct installation or establish the safe working loads of a comprehensive range of anchors & fixings in line with BS 8539 up to a maximum tensile load of 50kN.


  • 0–50kN Dual Scale digital gauge (detachable for calibration, reduces carrier return costs)
  • 2050 Load spreading bridge featuring height adjustable legs with pin arrangement in six positions with swivel feet giving 30mm of fine adjustment.
  • Turning Handle with 24mm integrated nut (for use in confined spaces)
  • Up to 50mm of stroke
  • The tester is preassembled and accessories can be quickly attached with ease
  • Hydrajaws gauge calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Supplied in a robust protective carry case with full operating instructions.
Kit includes the following adaptors:
  • M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis
  • Bolt tester adaptor with M12 locking adaptor
  • M10, M12 Threaded button adaptors
  • Six slotted button adaptors (mm): 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5
  • Threaded stud adaptors M16, M20 & M24

Technical data

  • Pull-out load range: 0–50kN
  • Up to 50mm stroke
  • Weight: Tester only 2.3kg
  • LSB dimensions between feet edge: 213mm
  • Case dimensions: 571 x 382 x 160mm
  • Case weight: 16kg
  • Oil type: ISO VG 32 Mineral Based Oil
  • Oil Replenishment via supplied oil bottle with aid of piston key
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Part #: 200-001 (Analog)
  • Part #: 200-002 (Digital)

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