M2000 Safety Lifeline Cable Tester Kit

Tester range 0 – 25 kN

Tester for swaged components

The Hydrajaws M2000 Safety Lifeline Cable Tester KIT 2 is a complete kit enabling engineers to validate the strength of swaged components on newly installed or existing engineered lifeline systems to ensure compliance with BS 7883 up to a maximum tensile load of 25kN.


  • ‘Kit 2’ combines a M2000 tester with accessories including items offered in Safely Lifeline Tester Kit 1
  • 0-25kN Dual Scale digital gauge compatible with the latest Hydrajaws App
  • Turning Handle with 22mm (7/8") integrated nut
  • Single hinge clamp arrangement with two bolts
  • Cable test frame with extension bars
  • Supplied in a robust protective carry case
Kit includes the following accessories:
  • 8mm Barrel clamp
  • 12mm Fork adaptor
  • 20mm Clevis
  • 22mm A/F ratchet spanner
  • M12 Coupliing adaptor
  • M16 and M20 Long threaded stud adaptor
  • Bolt test adaptor
  • Knurled adaptor 8mm (10mm and 12mm optional)
  • Wall tie spacer plate
  • Oil bottle
  • 6mm Hex key and spare cable clamp bolts and screw

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