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Are the anchors you have placed still secure?

Portable Pull Testers

Why not check it yourself – with our portable pull-out testers!

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Pull-Out Tester for securants
Operating area: 0 – 25 kN
Pull-Out Tester
Operating area: 0 – 50 kN
Heavy Duty Tester Kit
Operating area: 0 – 145 kN
Tester for für rope swaging
Operating area: 0 – 25 kN
Specific kit used to determine the nominal tensile strength of a wide variety of materials including concrete, screeds, repair mortars, epoxy resin coatings, laminates, plastics, paints and enamels
Operating area: 0 – 25 kN
Small and compact tester for all types
of remedial wall tie

Operating area: 0 – 10 kN
Tester for wire ropes used for fall-arrest systems, strain measurement of rigging, guy ropes, tower and mast supports and checking the security of crimped/swaged end fittings as applied to wire ropes up to a maximum of 40kN
Operating area: 0 – 40 kN
Tester with Easy-Effort®-Technology
Pull-out Range: 0 – 35 kN (Standard Bridge),
0 – 65 kN (Medium and Large Bridge)
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FAQ about Hydrajaws Testers

Anchor points for personal safety equipment such as securants, anchor points for facade cleaners, industrial climbers, lift constructors and maintenance staff
Besides the area of application, the forces to be applied in kN also play a role.
We supply testers and accessories (up to max. 370 kN) for the following areas of application (examples):

- Wall anchors
- Rope anchors
- wire ropes
- Eyebolt fall protection
- Scaffolding anchorages
- Fasteners in roof constructions
- Tensile adhesion testing (material bond testing)
- Wall refurbishments
- Reinforcements
- Guard rails
- protective fences
There are manufacturer's guidelines or specifications for fasteners.
In the case of damage in court, the question will come, especially from the prosecutor:
„Would there have been technical possibilities of testing to avoid the damage?“
Basically, there are no requirements. Our approach is to talk to potential customers to find out to what extent their technical knowledge and skills are sufficient. This is usually the case! If you wish to be on the safe side: We also offer training (on request).
It depends on the focus of your activities. For example, do you use bolts for your installations and would like to protect yourself from legal risks in the case of a failure of these bolts? Hydrajaws Testers are suitable for providing proof of the performance of fasteners. Various regulations and ZTV-Ing. refer to this. In addition, the necessary proof can be provided for a large number of non-regulated fastenings by means of a tensile test.
We also offer pull tests for anchors as a service if you only require them for a single order.
Oil needs to be refilled from time to time. It depends on how often the device is used and how often the gauge is coupled. However, the new devices are less affected here, as they can be stored in the transport case with the gauge coupled.
The gauges should be calibrated regularly so that you can provide proof of calibration in the event of any damage. The certificate is valid for 12 months.
As a certified service partner of Hydrajaws and as a specialist company certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9000-1, we are there for you if calibration is due, if you have a question about the application and accessories or if you should need any support.
You can rent the M2000, the M2050 and also the M2008 for 1 to 10 working days. Please contact us.
Pulling tests on anchors are not regulated by law.
However, you as a company can be made responsible for your installations. If an expert is called in in the event of damage, he will ask whether the mounting's ability to bear its load (according to the manufacturer's specifications) has been ensured by a tensile test. The proof of a tensile test will determine the result of a possible court case.

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